Aloe Vera and Animal Care

Aloe and animal care

Aloe and animal care

Just like us, whose one of priorities in life is to stay fit and healthy , our animals and pets also deserve the best care possible. Aside from Veterinary Aloe Formula, Forever Living has an array of amazing products for pets and animals to support their overall health.

1. ALOE VERA GEL – supports digestive health, improves general well- being.

2. ALOE VERA GELLY – moisturizes, soothes and conditions minor skin problems like bites, itchiness and burns.

3. ALOE HEAT LOTION – prevents flies and insects from coming in contact with the animals, soothes aching and tired body.

4. BRIGHT TOOTH GEL – protects gums and teeth from plaque and diseases, prevents bad breath.

5. ALOE HAND AND FACE SOAP – biodegradable, PH-balance and non irritating, excellent for cleaning the skin and very suitable to prevent psoriasis and eczema, mild enough for everyday use.

6. ALOE JOJOBA SHAMPOO – very healthy for animals hair and fur.

7. ALOE VETERINARY FORMULA – made with stabilized aloe Vera gel and is ideally suited for minor abrasions or irritations, provides quick and soothing relief.

Give your pets and animals the love and care they fully deserve. Try any of the products above and let your pets and animals enjoy good health and let them be a joy to you and your children.



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nurse educator, massage therapist, health enthusiast, entrepreneur, currently in the land of beautiful tulips, The Netherlands.
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