My Story

The first time I encounter about the healing plant Aloe Vera was in 1992 in Taipei, Taiwan when the former caregiver of the Chinese client I was taking care of as a private nurse gave me a whole plant because I was having acne all over my face.

The acne was due to the astringent I used on my face which I bought because of the encouragement of a Filipina who was also working at the same military hospital where our clients were staying.

She said my skin will look like that of a baby’s skin if I use the astringent. I was convinced. The astringent was very strong. It smells like something used for injection. It was like a combination of alcohol and other chemicals like formaldehyde used to preserve a cadaver, which was actually one of the ingredients, I found out later.

To make the story short, the use of astringent on my face caused more harm than good. It made the impurities on my face like white heads and black heads turned into an acne. My friend said to just continue using it and it will be gone after a while, that it was cleansing my face that was why it was happening.

I was so devastated, I can’t deal with it. I stopped using the astringent and start pricking my acne which resulted to a damaged skin.

One day, the former Chinese caregiver went to visit her former patient and she saw me and told me she will bring something that will cure my acne. True enough, she went back carrying a whole big plant of Aloe Vera.

I used the gel of the Aloe Vera every day after waking up, several times during the day and before I went to sleep. The acne was healed and from then on I believed in it. I used it until I was introduced to Forever Living in 1996.

At first I was only a user, didn’t see the opportunity of making it a business and make a difference to my life and others as well. I guess I wasn’t ready yet. When I look back, I wish I took the opportunity of a lifetime. Maybe I am now let’s say a manager.

Just 2 months ago, I was again introduced to Forever Living. I was actually looking for something that will change the present status of my life, particularly my career. I am tired of being an employee, I thought I don’t want to get old doing a mediocre job.

One day I saw an ad at my workplace. It was a presentation about Forever Living Products. I attended, met the presenter, bought some products again to test how it affects my body and health. And I was convinced. I decided I will do the business.

And on March 12, 2015 I became Assistant Supervisor without even having to cash out a big capital. At present I am building the business and I will not stop until I make a difference to my life but most especially on other people as well by showing them how these remarkable products and business opportunity will also help them achieve what they want in terms of health and financial independence.

If you want to know how in a short period of time I became a forever business owner please contact me here.



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